Best Craftsman of France

The title ofMeilleur Ouvrier de France”, the ultimate proof of an exceptional know-how

Nicolas Tourrel, Medal of Meilleur Ouvrier de FranceBeing awarded as the Best Craftsman of France means in a first hand one of the highest distinction of France, and in another hand, a real responsibility. Indeed, a Best Craftsman of France is an ambassador of the french know-how and of the high quality heritage from the prestigious jewel culture.

How Nicolas Tourrel had his “Best Craftsman of France” award ?

Nicolas Tourrel has been awarded in 2004 by the President of the Republic.
The Fan made of gold, silver and platinum conceived, drawn, and manufactured by Nicolas Tourrel is a unique and exceptional piece of jewelry, reflection of the creator’s skills. After thousands of hours on multiple years, the real size fan progressively took shape and life in an spirit of excellence : to honor the prestigious French jewelry tradition, and much more, push up the creation’s boundaries.

Beyond the prestigious title of Best Craftsman of France, Nicolas Tourrel, always working more, won his ultimate challenge : giving the life to a masterpiece known as a piece of jewelry which honors the entire field.

Nicolas Tourrel Jeweller - Fan

Nicolas Tourrel Jeweller - Fan