Nicolas Tourrel – Jeweler of exception

Nicolas TOURREL – Joaillier – Meilleur Ouvrier de France

Nicolas Tourrel JewelerNicolas Tourrel is an established family owned business with more than 20 years of experience of making and dealing in fine jewellery in France. Nicolas Tourrel Jewellery’s designs are based on the principles of beauty, luxury and convenience with unique and sophisticated pieces that yet stand the test of time both in quality and looks. Awarded as the Best Craftsman of France as Jeweler in 2004, having the french Label Joaillerie de France as well as being Art Craftsman Master, Nicolas Tourrel loves « captivating jewels». Working with a team of craftsmen’ of exception in a most advanced technologies workshop, he creates carefully curated collections with shapes and endless combinations … As everything is hand made and for individuals, Nicolas Tourrel offers a personalised service.